Need to hire a large number of people quickly? No problem. XLC's volume hiring solutions are flexible, scalable and affordable.

What We Do

In todays marketplace, volume hiring is absolutely required for Organizations for various reasons from being competitive to building brand equity. But the obvious challenge is to find the right talents at the right time without compromising on the quality. Looking at the opportunity, this provides a compelling opportunity for the organizations in marketing their brand and bulding their brand equity. At the same time it gives a platform for the candidates/students to show case their skills and experience.

For campus hires, consider the time commitment required from visiting many reputed campuses, maintaing their relationships, assessing 1000s of students, interviewing them and finanlly identifying the prospective employees for your organization. And also, the same holds true in organizing ad-hoc drives from access to a database of canidates and/or sourcing profiles, marketing the brand, getting the candidates excited about the opportunity, and getting them to attend the interview to finally identifying the prospective employees to join. It is certainly easier said than done!

Talk to us, we will make it easy for you with our Campus-X and Dryvz program.